Happiness at Work: Teams and Facilitation

Happiness is serious business. Conflicts between two employees can derail a project; they may hide other team dysfunctions that can impact the bottom line.

Happy employees are high performers. They give better customer service, have fewer accidents, work more effectively, innovate more and make better leaders. They are absent less often, are less likely to commit theft, and are less likely to quit. They make it easier to recruit high quality candidates. There are even proven links between happy employees and the bottom line.

I will:

  • Clarify survey results for your team
  • Identify why your team may not be as engaged as they could be
  • Encourage employees and management to take ownership for fixing problems
  • Teach team members strategies for reducing negative interactions

See how we can help with teams and facilitation.


Angel Rampy … conducted an inspirational training session for our staff. Our team … was lead back in time to remember why they first choose to work in this field. …It gave us new insight into our co-workers, as well as ourselves. …We discussed the growing importance of our work in a changing world economy and our staffs’ crucial role. Our goal was to remind our team of the importance of their job, which often receives little respect in our society—Angel did just that. A 15 year veteran on our staff proclaimed this “the best in-service day ever”!

Shelly Bokman
Family Publishing