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We incorporate decades of hands-on-experience and best practices to create a truly unique experience.

When you and/or your company engage Success through Learning you benefit from a trusted advisor. We work with you to thoroughly understand your coaching and training needs as an organization or as a professional.

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Conflict Resolution and Mediation in the Workplace

Conflict in the workplace can have a rippling effect on employee motivation, and productivity. We create an atmosphere that supports honest and open dialogue to get to the heart of the issue. We design each of our sessions to address the specific workplace conflict. We engage our clients towards an action driven solution. Our aim is to successfully resolve a variety of conflicts involving employees, managers and manager-employee relationships. Contact us for more information.

Feedback in the Workplace

Feedback is no longer reserved for managers or performance reviews. This engaging course emphasizes the need to build a culture of providing feedback in a positive and supportive manner -no matter what your role. Refine the art of feedback that is behavior driven and drives accountability. Understand the ROI in giving timely feedback. Also, learn how to receive feedback from your own managers, co-workers or employees without becoming defensive. Contact us for more information.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Your executive’s ability to lead impacts your employees’ motivation and engagement. We work closely with your executive to design a coaching plan that meets the goals of the leader, the organization and the company. We call this a 3-way alignment coaching. 1-1 Coaching includes assessments, feedback, simulations and tools that challenges a leader to become benevolently powerful. Contact us for more information.

Managing Global Virtual Teams

Managers learn to develop the vital skills necessary to lead global teams. Topics covered include virtual communication; goal setting; relationship building; respecting differences and conducting efficient productive meeting. Contact us for more information.

Team Coaching

We don’t train teams we coach them. We believe that teams can form strong alignment of vision, values, and goals in a more engaged learning environment. Our interactive process guides them through a solid decision making process supporting democratic communication. Teams also learn the art of planning and dealing with conflict in a pro-active way. Contact us for more information.

Career Transition Coaching

Find me a Career! Finding the next perfect job starts with understanding your own goals, both personal and professionally. It is not good enough just to “get a job”. It’s time to be in control of your next career opportunity. Develop your unique brand and learn to sell it in your interviews. Re-build your connections. Develop a LinkedIn Profile and resume that has companies calling you. Contact us for more information.


Angel … draws on her considerable knowledge of talent management and training in her coaching. Angel truly listens and understands her client’s goals and objectives and is genuinely generous with her time and creative ideas. She is a very well-connected professional in Silicon Valley. Additionally, Angel is a very motivating and gifted public speaker.

Suzanne Rollin
Senior Contracts Manager