About Angel Rampy

Angel RampyAngel specializes in coaching and training for technology and foreign-born professionals in the United States. Her interpersonal and analytical skills—and her results-oriented approach—make her a trusted advisor. Unlike most coaches, she has expertise in a variety of coaching methods, giving her the versatility to provide the “right” information, coaching and training for the person and situation.

Angel has designed and delivered a variety of training programs for leaders and teams. For more information on the industries and clients Angel has worked with. See the Clients page.

She has lived and worked internationally for years and continues to travel globally. Her European-Asian background and command of several languages (English, Spanish and Tagalog) give her keen insights into cultural issues and assumptions. She works well with diverse teams because she understands their individual values and expectations, and respects the attributes that make each culture unique.

  • Happiness at Work And Team Facilitation, CRR Global
  • Co-Active Coaching, Coaches Training Institute
  • Executive Coaching, College of Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching, Center for Right Relationships
  • Cultural Intelligence Facilitator, Level 2 (highest level) and Cultural Intelligence, Center for Cultural Intelligence
  • High Performance Work Teams
  • Influence Edge, Master Trainer (Lash and Associates)
  • Managing Transition, Certified Master Trainer, William Bridges and Associates